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MYPC Assembled

This is a personal project that focused on the trade-off between mobility and productivity with current computing systems and proposed a new solution. The project spanned 14 months and sprang from the idea of designing a truly unified computing ecosystem. I explored user interface, hardware, and software. The key concept is a dynamic hardware infrastructure which allows for cumulative computing power. I designed an operating system, handheld, tablet, and dock to illustrate my concept. I also prepared a 33 page report called Mobility VS Productivity (PDF 5.75 MB) that explores the problem and solution in detail.

MYPC Assembled (AVI 3.91 MB)
MYPC Handheld (AVI 2.26 MB)
MYPC Tablet (AVI 3.20 MB)
mypc_dock (AVI 2.21 MB)

MYPC CompleteMYPC TabletMYPC HandheldMYPC Dock


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January 1, 2011