My name is Shaytu Schwandes and I like creating things. Feel free to peruse my portfolio, gallery, and demo reel to see my talents and past work. I also have an extensive collection of all sorts of links which you might find useful.

Recent Work

Check out my recent work below. The rest can be seen in my Gallery, and I have many more on DeviantArt.

Delicate I saw some other Terragen image that had incredible light rays coming from behind clouds, so I made my own. The sky is really the only thing I worked on. I'm sure it's pretty obvious. Flake One day the idea of having a cloud wrap around the top of an image popped into my head. After hours of waiting for the random cloud I needed to appear, I finally got what I was looking for. Furai My 5th image using Terragen. I just wanted an image that portrayed a cold environment. I rarely see them and wanted to see how I could do at it.


Completed website redesign!
Raced Formula Fords at Summit Point Raceway!
Started new job at LiveHealthier.
Website redesign has begun...
Moved back to the DC area.
Lost my job at Vetstreet.
Raced 24hrs of Lemons Sears Pointless.
Visited petrified red wood forest.