About Shaytu Schwandes


While both art and design express and communicate, art is more an expression and design is more a communication. This is the key factor I keep in mind while designing a website, an article, a phone, a car, a motorcycle, or a desktop wallpaper.

My design interests began to take root with comic books. Their color, composition, expression, and creativity facinated me. Since I was most drawn [pun alert] to the art of comic books and not the stories, I preferred comics such as Gen 13, Wildcats, and Spawn. While my high school academics focused on architectural design (my earliest career goal), it appeared too restricted and ridged [pun alert] for my tastes. Outside of school my interests evolved from comics to video games which provided an interactive medium for the same attributes I valued so highly in comics. I always liked cars and motorcycles, but a passion for vehicular design and racing came shortly after my driver's license. Web design developed as a necessity, but as I learned more and more, it became a very enjoyable and valuable medium. Through all of these time periods I taught myself the needed skills (drawing, Bryce 3D, 3DStudio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver). This process of continually retraining myself has given me quite the knack at understanding systems, determining their best use, and communicating that to others.

Outside of my interest in all the mediums of design, I still love videos games though don't make much time to play. My other hobbies of racing cars and mountain biking keep me entertained during the warmer months. I have traveled internationally quite often and hope to continue to do so to allow my experiences to ever expand my perspective and understanding. I also continue to keep myself abreast of the latest computer hardware and software developments: including a recent interest in mobile computing despite not owning a smart phone.

In this complex, interconnected world I figure the more I know about anything makes me better at everything.

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