Take a look at the wallpapers I've created. I do them for fun but share them with everyone. You can really use any image as a wallpaper, but these are at the resolutions that fit monitors and are designed with a desktop wallpaper in mind. Contact me if you would like a personalized wallpaper.

2560x1024 (dual monitor)

Red Sun Spectrum Axiomatic Graffitti Explosion Creation Flower Worship Digital Cell Discuss Ritual Liquid Fire Pressure 1 Pressure 2 Pressure 3 Broadcast Flare Dragon Eye Electricity Distraction 1 Distraction 2 Distraction 3 Distraction 4 Algae Algae Algae Algae Algae Logo Green Logo Red FlanelJealousy


Delicate Flake Furai Shift Fairy Dust Render Darkness Ebbs Button Traffic Entangle Vines Ice Remember Tribal Taffy Jem Burning ColdMelt Testing Sunrise Digital Cell Discuss Ritual Liquid FirePsuedo Space t2ch-err t2ch-passiont3ch-webGrid Smoke 1 Red Light Grid Smoke 1 Teal Light Plasma 2


Scuba Monkey Discuss Ritual Liquid Fire Flare 1280 Electricity 1280Grid Smoke 2 Black and White Grid Smoke 2 Blue Grid Smoke 2 Green Grid Smoke 2 Red InfectedTwirl Twirl Inverted Plasma Strings 1 Plasma Strings 2 Plasma 1 Abstract0601 Abstract0602 Abstract0603